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Author: Pete Oakman

A beautiful couple on a record breaking day

Having a plan for your day is so important, whats even more important is a back up plan! I met with Kelsi and Alex again at rehearsal to determine a plan if the weather continued to be bad the next day. It so happens it was not to be just bad weather but a ‘weather event’. The wedding scheduled for the 1st of May ended up being the highest rainfall for that day ever on record. Needless to say the weather challenged me in the poor conditions , including the horizontal rain coming off the sea.


The great thing that came of this was witnessing Kelsi and Alex’s attitude as nothing could dampen their spirits. I never heard one complaint from them about the weather as they accepted that this was the day that nature intended. It was rewarding to see at least 75 percent of the guests had traveled including the majority of their friends from Auckland, NZ .


Weddings for me are about making a promise to each other in front of your family, friends & the deity you believe in. Its a strong example of the quality of couple when guests go to such lengths to attend. Kelsi and Alex accepted that they couldn’t change the weather and it did not deter them from making their promises to each other. Thank you Team Carroll for letting me be part of your day.


Kelsi’s cousin Sarah also faced some weather challenges you can read about here. | More Blogs

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Get to know your wedding photographer

You might recognise this couple from the landing pages of . They are the ones playing with petals from their bouquet at the powerhouse. I thought I would show you these images just to show that by doing a pre-wedding shoot the development of trust grows with your photographer. You really need to spend some time in front of the camera if your not use to it to relax, feel at ease. Most importantly though to enjoy the moment and let the photographer do what he is there for and thats to capture the moments between you. Enjoy this set as much as I did shooting them.

Brisbane Wedding Photographer | All Weather Photography Brisbane

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Love at the Powerhouse

I would never question the popularity of Brisbane wedding photography at the Brisbane Powerhouse; it’s a diverse and beautiful location from an industrial vibe to parkland in seconds with Brisbane’s New Farm Park. On any day you will see some form of Portrait Photography at the Brisbane Powerhouse. I love how people stop to look at the beautiful bride whilst submitting their own verbal modern wedding photography reviews with their walking companion. Don’t mess with my beautiful Brisbane bride though or I’ll be after you….

Other Brisbane wedding photographers discussing wedding photography locations in Brisbane would find it hard to look past this ‘electric’ location… Local residence Dan & Kristy were delighted with their results from Absolution Photography.

Incidentally nationally there is resurgence in light rail networks, especially locally on the Gold Coast, another great location for wedding photography. Ironically the Brisbane Powerhouse was solely built for the distribution of power for Brisbane’s Tram Network. Decommissioned in 1971.

I am sure that all of the Brisbane wedding photographers were glad there was resurgence in 2006. A $3.5 Million dollar project, thank goodness that isn’t included in Brisbane wedding photography prices. We all love unique wedding photography at the Brisbane powerhouse and I hope you also can see a new photographic angle next time you visit.

Brisbane Wedding Photographer | All Weather Photography Brisbane

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Your Wedding Style

The amazing amount of work that goes into styling a wedding can set you apart from others and make your wedding images unique.

This destination wedding in Vanuatu was an absolute delight to be involved with. How this tropical island wedding was going to look was at the forefront of the Bride and Grooms mind. They had a clear vision of the design and decoration that they took all their own props from Brisbane to the island.

Seeing the Reception Marquee’s and the wedding façade on the beach was an absolute spectacle with so much colour and vibrance. Going to this effort to decorate will not go unnoticed by your wedding photographer. Placing your own effort and style into your wedding makes the wedding photos special; as it’s a reflection of the vision you had from when you said ‘Yes!’.

The effort that Zeb & Liz went to in the design and colours needs be applauded, as it really was a point of difference from other destination weddings I have seen. In this instance I was fortunate to be the one to capture their wedding vision and they will always have beautiful wedding photos to reminder of the efforts they went to and the success of their day.

Wedding Photographers Northern Brisbane // Get to know your wedding photographer


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All Weather Photography, What to Expect

With real wedding experiences you can imagine that Mother Nature may not follow your plan for clear skies on your perfectly planned day. On several occasions I have seen more moisture forming in my brides eyes than the rain that is falling outside. If however more rain comes this is something should have already been discussed when you’re planning your wedding day with your venue and photographer. It is something that I would have discussed with you well before your day arrives.

A professional wedding photographer like myself will have equipment that is of the highest standard that has weather sealing to offer protection against dust and moisture. I used Canon DLSR bodies with L-Series lens that are built for professionals – to be taken anywhere, anytime. That doesn’t mean I will jump in a pool with my cameras, it does mean I can risk the elements to get dramatic and creative shots in not so favorable conditions. Don’t worry I certainly wouldn’t put your dress, hair or make up at risk

The image that led you to this Brisbane wedding blog post was such a day and there have been many since. The Sunshine Coast wedding ceremony was at the Sunshine Beach Surf Club; there was enough indication from the Bureau of Meteorology that the ceremony would need to be moved from the beach outlook to under the awning of the outdoor reception area. I was able to take my gear into the rain with confidence and capture different angles of the ceremony.

The heavens cleared briefly and allowed us to quickly get some dramatic beach shots that are some of my favourite Brisbane wedding photos. As your professional Brisbane wedding photographer I would have discussed a weather plan for your wedding day and used equipment that backs up my commitment to your wedding photography.

Absolution Photography | Wedding Photography Tradition It’s Personal

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Tradition. It’s personal

As a Brisbane wedding professional I pride myself on being genuinely dedicated to my couples having an experience where I capture the real events of their day. There is no fake dance, no fake cake cutting and no fake sentiments on my behalf.

I did learn a lesson about traditions at this Sunshine Coast wedding at Rainbow Beach. The weather this day was very unkind to Sarah and Tony, never the less with a plan and we had a successful day. In the event of bad weather we were to do the location shoot in and around the Rainbow Beach Resort where the reception was being held.

What came next though was unexpected. After speaking with Sarah and Tony they raised the idea of having the location shoot prior to the ceremony, as the rain would be heading at us sideways by the afternoon. They were ok with seeing each other prior to the wedding ceremony, and I was certainly happy to fulfill their request. My only request was to make sure I captured the first time they saw each other. Nothing can replace that first glance then the Bride and Groom see each other for the 1st time.

The reality for this couple was that this was in fact a more practical and desirable situation due to the many people that had travelled to be with them on their day, this meant they could spend more time with them in the afternoon and evening. The decision to put tradition aside did not detract from the special ceremony that would follow in anyway. It’s your wedding day, do it your way, It’s personal.

Absolution Photography Brisbane | Wedding Photographers Expect The Unexpected

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Expect the unexpected


This wedding photo was taken outside a beautiful little chapel at Mount Tamborine, which is south of Brisbane and behind the Gold Coast. It was an uncertain day for the weather with steady rain and thunderstorms threating to cause some issues through out the day.

Luckily it cleared just before the ceremony. With still no sign of the sun we set out for our Wedding Portraits around Mount Tamborine. After some time under a beautiful tree we headed for a paddock that has sweeping views of the Gold Coast. Gary and Anita looked amazing as they were photographed next the luxurious Rolls Royce they were being chauffeured around in. Why not read their testimonial about Absolution Photography

Like a magic wand was waved, the skies finally cleared so the sun could say goodbye for the day, lighting up this rural setting, glistening behind the Bride and Groom and bouncing of the Chrome of the Rolls Royce. Just stunning. A Wedding Portrait that we were not expecting to get with the thick cloud cover. | What Does Boutique Wedding Photography Mean?

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What does a boutique business mean to you

What does the idea of a Brisbane Boutique wedding photographer mean to you?

Does it mean that Absolution Photography’s wedding photography is expensive?

No, My wedding photography package pricing is competitive with other professional Brisbane wedding photographers.

Does it mean that Absolution Photography is exclusive?

In some ways I say yes because I am exclusively yours and I limit my bookings so I can give you the attention that is required to ensure your Wedding Photography with Absolution Photography is an experience, Its not something that can be bought off the shelf, it’s the attention my couples receive from when you agree to go to with Absolution Photography to when your walk out of my office with your final products.

Communication and relationships is key to the Absolution Photography experience. Your not just a paying client; your real people that have fallen in love and trusted me with one of the most important days of your life. It’s because of this I ensure that come your wedding day you are stress free and confident that everything is going to run smoothly. I make myself available to couples leading up to the wedding day to answer any questions and confirm how the day will run.

Take Jason and Renee as an example. We first met over coffee where I discussed my style and approach to my wedding photography. After deciding to go with Absolution Photography we met again to go through some examples of products and arranged a pre-wedding shoot. We met for the pre-wedding shoot but it quickly got rained out with some abysmal weather and rescheduled another shoot. We met again to discuss the timings and flow of the day and quite a few emails in between. When their day finally came we had a great rapport, I knew how to get the best out of them on the day and they didn’t have any concerns. Finally we went through their images and their album is being created of which I cannot wait to see their expressions when they see the quality of the final product.


Wedding Photography by Absolution Photography | All work and no play makes wedding photography …boring!

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All work and no play makes photography …boring!

Please don’t misconstrue this title that has captured your attention. Marriage is a serious topic and should not be thought about lightly. I highly respect the institution of marriage, what it represents and the great honour it is to be part of such a day.

My intention here it to convey to you that your Brisbane wedding photography should be an entertaining part of your day, it certainly should not be seen to be a chore or something that needs to be got out of the way before you can enjoy yourself.

I always touch base with my couples to ensure that they are having fun, relaxed and enjoying themselves. It’s so important to build rapoprt with your couples so you can identify if there are in fact bored crazy and feel like they are missing out on their own party. It’s important to check in to ensure everyone is having a good time and identify when people need a break or time to themselves.

There are some that forget whose day it is. It’s yours and it should be fun. I am going to spend more time with you as your photographer than anyone else on your day and it’s always my intention that the day be entertaining. It’s about fun and honest conversations to get the best out of the day. This makes for a relaxing time where you can be yourself and the photography can naturally become more creative and inventive with your true participation.

This image was the last location for the day before heading to the reception, there was so much energy and fun left in Ian and Rachael. I am 100% sure that as your photographer you will have had a relaxed and entertaining day. The majority of weddings I am on the go for 10-14 hours during the whole day. I am certainly exhausted by the end of the day, but I give all my energy before I depart your venue.


Marriage Ceremony Photography Brisbane | Your Brisbane Wedding Style

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What to expect when you’re NOT expecting

Being a boutique wedding photographer means I take extra time with my couples to ensure they receive exactly what they expect from hiring a wedding professional.

Melissa and Luke had previously booked a photographer who, leading up to their day, had not followed up on any further enquiries from Melissa and Luke with regards to their wedding photography. Even after paying a deposit it was a black hole with no confidence that photographer would be turning up on the day?

Becoming nervous Absolution Photography was referred to them from a previous family portrait client. After hearing of the experience they had with their previous wedding photographer I was eager to restore there faith and that they received the experience they had hoped for.

We met before making any further decisions and they were keen to progress with what I had showed them of my wedding images and AIPP accreditation. We arranged a pre-wedding shoot and spoke several times on the phone to clear up timings of the wedding day events. I attended the rehearsal at the church to ensure there where no surprises and enjoyed meeting up with them again seeing the confidence they had in my brand, Absolution Photography and me.

Their wedding day was fun and ran faultlessly. It was nice to go to the wedding photography location they had chosen as was sentimental to Melissa and her grand mother.

“Just wanted to say how grateful Luke and I were to have such professional photographer on our special day. Pete, you went above and beyond for us.. You truly exceeded all our expectations, we are so thankful for that. You have captured some amazing photos that we will cherish for a lifetime. On a personal note, Pete, you were incredibly easy to talk to, genuine and honest. You ensured that everything went to plan and put our minds at ease about the stresses of wedding planning. We will always recommend you to any family or friends for your amazing photography work. Cheers Pete.” – Melissa and Luke


Brisbane Wedding Photographers | A Brisbane Wedding Photographer In Las Vegas

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A Brisbane Wedding Photographer in Las Vegas

What do you hope your photographer is going to be like if your planning a destination wedding? Well I do hope that you can see why they would want to be exactly like me when it comes to your wedding photography photos. When Andrew & Sara hired me and I was very aware that their featured wedding would be the highlight of a long planned trip that started in New York. This Brisbane wedding photographer was to be in Las Vegas, not Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. A true destination wedding with Elvis and all the photography images you can imagine from Las Vegas.

From my perspective what had changed? Andrew & Sara were real people with a real story getting married in Las Vegas. So like all my destination weddings nothing had really changed. From all my Brisbane wedding photography I know preparation is key, before any portrait shoot whether it be the latest wedding style or an intimate family documentary session, failure to plan is planning to fail!

My photography, with real life experience, ensures that I am ready on the day with a plan. The vision for my wedding photography is clear from the beginning of the wedding day, regardless of weather, or destination. It’s essential that you scout your destination wedding photography locations, their laws, and conditions of entry. Some ‘Chapels’ wont let you bring your own photographer. Luckily this was checked before heading into this chapel, otherwise Andrew and Sara would be enjoying ‘both’ photos (from the resident photographer) that were in focus rather than the wedding photography story I was able to capture.

Viva Las Vegas!!

Check out their day featuring the Las Vegas Strip and The Wynn Casino.

Absolution Photography Brisbane | Love at the Brisbane Powerhouse

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Rachael & Ian Proctor’s Brisbane Bayside royal affair

Rachael and Ian’s Brisbane Bayside wedding was held on the Ceremony Lawn at the Queensland Royal Yacht Squadron.

The skies were angry that day my friends. With rains forecast for most of the day it took all of my special powers to fend off the rain for the ceremony and bridal portraits. Rachael was nervously looking out the window as her makeup was being finished by Lorryl from Anywhere Hair and Make Up 

Luckily there was a gap in the weather as Rachael made her way to the ceremony from the Manly Marina Cove Motel.

A beautifully intimate civil ceremony was performed by Laurel Donaldson from Ceremonies by Design.


The poem, Real Love by Kim Cockerill, was presented by Rachael’s good friend Josephine.

Real Love by Kim Cockerill

Real love isn’t about bringing in a dozen red roses
It’s about bringing in the washing.
It’s not about standing next to your partner because they look good on your arm
It’s about standing by them even when they look foolish.
Real love isn’t about stiff posture and smart clothes
It’s about wrestling on the couch in your tracksuit.
It’s not about oysters and candle-lit dinners
It’s about bringing home Chinese when your partner’s had a busy day.
Real love isn’t about exciting getaways and fancy resorts
It’s about being totally content sleeping- in together at home.
It’s not about gym memberships and facelifts
It’s about growing old and fat together.
Real love is not about romance or image or success.
Real love is about 2 average people adoring and accepting each other for who they are.


Ian & Rachael were fortunate to be joined by some of Ian’s friends  and family from England. I especially loved the mate ship from his best man Lee whom went to special lengths to present A3 sized prints along with his best man speech.


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