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Expect the unexpected

Expect the unexpected

A collection of Brisbane Wedding Photography at the Gold Coast Hinterland Mt Tamborine


This wedding photo was taken outside a beautiful little chapel at Mount Tamborine, which is south of Brisbane and behind the Gold Coast. It was an uncertain day for the weather with steady rain and thunderstorms threating to cause some issues through out the day.

Luckily it cleared just before the ceremony. With still no sign of the sun we set out for our Wedding Portraits around Mount Tamborine. After some time under a beautiful tree we headed for a paddock that has sweeping views of the Gold Coast. Gary and Anita looked amazing as they were photographed next the luxurious Rolls Royce they were being chauffeured around in. Why not read their testimonial about Absolution Photography

Like a magic wand was waved, the skies finally cleared so the sun could say goodbye for the day, lighting up this rural setting, glistening behind the Bride and Groom and bouncing of the Chrome of the Rolls Royce. Just stunning. A Wedding Portrait that we were not expecting to get with the thick cloud cover.


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