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Rachael & Ian Proctor’s Brisbane Bayside royal affair

Rachael and Ian’s Brisbane Bayside wedding was held on the Ceremony Lawn at the Queensland Royal Yacht Squadron.

The skies were angry that day my friends. With rains forecast for most of the day it took all of my special powers to fend off the rain for the ceremony and bridal portraits. Rachael was nervously looking out the window as her makeup was being finished by Lorryl from Anywhere Hair and Make Up 

Luckily there was a gap in the weather as Rachael made her way to the ceremony from the Manly Marina Cove Motel.

A beautifully intimate civil ceremony was performed by Laurel Donaldson from Ceremonies by Design.


The poem, Real Love by Kim Cockerill, was presented by Rachael’s good friend Josephine.

Real Love by Kim Cockerill

Real love isn’t about bringing in a dozen red roses
It’s about bringing in the washing.
It’s not about standing next to your partner because they look good on your arm
It’s about standing by them even when they look foolish.
Real love isn’t about stiff posture and smart clothes
It’s about wrestling on the couch in your tracksuit.
It’s not about oysters and candle-lit dinners
It’s about bringing home Chinese when your partner’s had a busy day.
Real love isn’t about exciting getaways and fancy resorts
It’s about being totally content sleeping- in together at home.
It’s not about gym memberships and facelifts
It’s about growing old and fat together.
Real love is not about romance or image or success.
Real love is about 2 average people adoring and accepting each other for who they are.


Ian & Rachael were fortunate to be joined by some of Ian’s friends  and family from England. I especially loved the mate ship from his best man Lee whom went to special lengths to present A3 sized prints along with his best man speech.


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