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All work and no play makes photography …boring!

All work and no play makes photography …boring!

Brisbane Wedding Fun around Lota WynumPlease don’t misconstrue this title that has captured your attention. Marriage is a serious topic and should not be thought about lightly. I highly respect the institution of marriage, what it represents and the great honour it is to be part of such a day.

My intention here it to convey to you that your Brisbane wedding photography should be an entertaining part of your day, it certainly should not be seen to be a chore or something that needs to be got out of the way before you can enjoy yourself.

I always touch base with my couples to ensure that they are having fun, relaxed and enjoying themselves. It’s so important to build rapoprt with your couples so you can identify if there are in fact bored crazy and feel like they are missing out on their own party. It’s important to check in to ensure everyone is having a good time and identify when people need a break or time to themselves.

There are some that forget whose day it is. It’s yours and it should be fun. I am going to spend more time with you as your photographer than anyone else on your day and it’s always my intention that the day be entertaining. It’s about fun and honest conversations to get the best out of the day. This makes for a relaxing time where you can be yourself and the photography can naturally become more creative and inventive with your true participation.

This image was the last location for the day before heading to the reception, there was so much energy and fun left in Ian and Rachael. I am 100% sure that as your photographer you will have had a relaxed and entertaining day. The majority of weddings I am on the go for 10-14 hours during the whole day. I am certainly exhausted by the end of the day, but I give all my energy before I depart your venue.


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