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A beautiful couple on a record breaking day

A beautiful couple on a record breaking day

Having a plan for your day is so important, whats even more important is a back up plan! I met with Kelsi and Alex again at rehearsal to determine a plan if the weather continued to be bad the next day. It so happens it was not to be just bad weather but a ‘weather event’. The wedding scheduled for the 1st of May ended up being the highest rainfall for that day ever on record. Needless to say the weather challenged me in the poor conditions , including the horizontal rain coming off the sea.


The great thing that came of this was witnessing Kelsi and Alex’s attitude as nothing could dampen their spirits. I never heard one complaint from them about the weather as they accepted that this was the day that nature intended. It was rewarding to see at least 75 percent of the guests had traveled including the majority of their friends from Auckland, NZ .


Weddings for me are about making a promise to each other in front of your family, friends & the deity you believe in. Its a strong example of the quality of couple when guests go to such lengths to attend. Kelsi and Alex accepted that they couldn’t change the weather and it did not deter them from making their promises to each other. Thank you Team Carroll for letting me be part of your day.


Kelsi’s cousin Sarah also faced some weather challenges you can read about here. | More Blogs


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