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Love at the Powerhouse

Love at the Powerhouse

Brisbane Powerhoue Wedding PhotographerI would never question the popularity of Brisbane wedding photography at the Brisbane Powerhouse; it’s a diverse and beautiful location from an industrial vibe to parkland in seconds with Brisbane’s New Farm Park. On any day you will see some form of Portrait Photography at the Brisbane Powerhouse. I love how people stop to look at the beautiful bride whilst submitting their own verbal modern wedding photography reviews with their walking companion. Don’t mess with my beautiful Brisbane bride though or I’ll be after you….

Other Brisbane wedding photographers discussing wedding photography locations in Brisbane would find it hard to look past this ‘electric’ location… Local residence Dan & Kristy were delighted with their results from Absolution Photography.

Incidentally nationally there is resurgence in light rail networks, especially locally on the Gold Coast, another great location for wedding photography. Ironically the Brisbane Powerhouse was solely built for the distribution of power for Brisbane’s Tram Network. Decommissioned in 1971.

I am sure that all of the Brisbane wedding photographers were glad there was resurgence in 2006. A $3.5 Million dollar project, thank goodness that isn’t included in Brisbane wedding photography prices. We all love unique wedding photography at the Brisbane powerhouse and I hope you also can see a new photographic angle next time you visit.

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