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A Brisbane Wedding Photographer in Las Vegas

A Brisbane Wedding Photographer in Las Vegas

Wedding Photography in Las Vegas by Destination Wedding Photographer

What do you hope your photographer is going to be like if your planning a destination wedding? Well I do hope that you can see why they would want to be exactly like me when it comes to your wedding photography photos. When Andrew & Sara hired me and I was very aware that their featured wedding would be the highlight of a long planned trip that started in New York. This Brisbane wedding photographer was to be in Las Vegas, not Brisbane, the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. A true destination wedding with Elvis and all the photography images you can imagine from Las Vegas.

From my perspective what had changed? Andrew & Sara were real people with a real story getting married in Las Vegas. So like all my destination weddings nothing had really changed. From all my Brisbane wedding photography I know preparation is key, before any portrait shoot whether it be the latest wedding style or an intimate family documentary session, failure to plan is planning to fail!

My photography, with real life experience, ensures that I am ready on the day with a plan. The vision for my wedding photography is clear from the beginning of the wedding day, regardless of weather, or destination. It’s essential that you scout your destination wedding photography locations, their laws, and conditions of entry. Some ‘Chapels’ wont let you bring your own photographer. Luckily this was checked before heading into this chapel, otherwise Andrew and Sara would be enjoying ‘both’ photos (from the resident photographer) that were in focus rather than the wedding photography story I was able to capture.

Viva Las Vegas!!

Check out their day featuring the Las Vegas Strip and The Wynn Casino.

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