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Tradition. It’s personal

Tradition. It’s personal

A Brisbane Wedding Photographer at Rainbow Beach

As a Brisbane wedding professional I pride myself on being genuinely dedicated to my couples having an experience where I capture the real events of their day. There is no fake dance, no fake cake cutting and no fake sentiments on my behalf.

I did learn a lesson about traditions at this Sunshine Coast wedding at Rainbow Beach. The weather this day was very unkind to Sarah and Tony, never the less with a plan and we had a successful day. In the event of bad weather we were to do the location shoot in and around the Rainbow Beach Resort where the reception was being held.

What came next though was unexpected. After speaking with Sarah and Tony they raised the idea of having the location shoot prior to the ceremony, as the rain would be heading at us sideways by the afternoon. They were ok with seeing each other prior to the wedding ceremony, and I was certainly happy to fulfill their request. My only request was to make sure I captured the first time they saw each other. Nothing can replace that first glance then the Bride and Groom see each other for the 1st time.

The reality for this couple was that this was in fact a more practical and desirable situation due to the many people that had travelled to be with them on their day, this meant they could spend more time with them in the afternoon and evening. The decision to put tradition aside did not detract from the special ceremony that would follow in anyway. It’s your wedding day, do it your way, It’s personal.

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