All Weather Photography Brisbane By Pete Oakman
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All Weather Photography, What to Expect

All Weather Photography, What to Expect

A collection of Beach Wedding Photography at Sunshine Beach Surf Club

With real wedding experiences you can imagine that Mother Nature may not follow your plan for clear skies on your perfectly planned day. On several occasions I have seen more moisture forming in my brides eyes than the rain that is falling outside. If however more rain comes this is something should have already been discussed when you’re planning your wedding day with your venue and photographer. It is something that I would have discussed with you well before your day arrives.

A professional wedding photographer like myself will have equipment that is of the highest standard that has weather sealing to offer protection against dust and moisture. I used Canon DLSR bodies with L-Series lens that are built for professionals – to be taken anywhere, anytime. That doesn’t mean I will jump in a pool with my cameras, it does mean I can risk the elements to get dramatic and creative shots in not so favorable conditions. Don’t worry I certainly wouldn’t put your dress, hair or make up at risk

The image that led you to this Brisbane wedding blog post was such a day and there have been many since. The Sunshine Coast wedding ceremony was at the Sunshine Beach Surf Club; there was enough indication from the Bureau of Meteorology that the ceremony would need to be moved from the beach outlook to under the awning of the outdoor reception area. I was able to take my gear into the rain with confidence and capture different angles of the ceremony.

The heavens cleared briefly and allowed us to quickly get some dramatic beach shots that are some of my favourite Brisbane wedding photos. As your professional Brisbane wedding photographer I would have discussed a weather plan for your wedding day and used equipment that backs up my commitment to your wedding photography.

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