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Why does this logo mean so much to me? 

When shooting I have the absolute privilege to meet amazing people and bare witness to the most beautiful of sentiments; a look , a touch, a hug or kiss, or simply a small loving gesture.

This is very, very special to me. It’s not just my branding its the start of a story …

The tree is an Oak Tree and by no mistake is the foundation of my life.

My surname is Oakman and of course you can now see the connection as it loosely translates to ‘family who lived by the Oaks’.

The people kissing under the tree represent my Mother and Father, Helen & David.

I see them as a young couple in the 1960’s having fun, in love, sneaking off to steal a kiss from one and another in a time of courtship.

I have only recently discovered this image below and think about this photo as being that exact day where it all started.

I treasure this moment and am so grateful that this image exists, without it I don’t think I could ever appreciate the ‘young’ love that our parents had before us.

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